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Helping Your Relationship

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Rebooting and Refreshing Love

On my other pages I address some clear and difficult issues that I can help you with such as clearing up resentments and stopping communication breakdowns. Here I offer a Counseling service for Couples that is less dramatic but just as important---refreshing and rebooting your intimate feelings of love in a long term relationship or marriage.

The minutia of life, the grind of ongoing goals and the passage of time all conspire to render us a tad distracted and sometimes overwhelmed.

Sometimes to get through it all we just go on automatic pilot and that excited chemistry that brought us together is lost in the dust. It takes a lot of energy to balance multiple priorities. Responsibilities can cause us to feel a little disconnected from the best in our partner and in ourselves.

Rebooting Relationship

Dona Laressa Desmond, PhD, LMFT

Couples Therapy, PreMarital and Marriage Counseling

Another path

What I offer Couples in this format of Counseling is a safe, clear, neutral space to disconnect from worries and burdens. I will help you find your way back to the joy of being together. To this end I offer assistance in remembering what works but more importantly I will help you reconnect with each other. This can involve refreshing your communication, activities and intimacy.  It can also involve letting go of certain things that may be inhibiting you.

The Counseling methods that I use to accomplish this vary widely because my style as a Therapist is to customize solutions that are unique for who you are and what kind of relationship you have.

If you find that things are pretty good but the sparkle has dimmed and you’re feeling disconnected from each other then send me a note. We can schedule a session to address this.

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